Terms and Conditions of Trade for DyeTech Leathers Ltd.





DyeTech Leathers Ltd. will provide quality leather and workmanship of a high calibre during your repair or refinish and will attempt to provide a prompt and thorough service.

We are at times dependent on third party operators for some services such as freight but will attempt to mitigate delays in pickup and delivery where possible.


DyeTech Leathers Ltd. will not be responsible for any costs relating to freight charges incurred unless agreed to prior to the event or commissioned directly by DyeTech Leathers Ltd.


DyeTech Leathers Ltd will retain ownership of all materials and labour provided until the account is paid in full.


DyeTech Leathers Ltd reserves the right to pass on all collection costs/charges for overdue default  accounts that fall outside of the terms of the account arrangement- and in the case of cash sale invoices- past 10 working days from completion of work unless by formal arrangement prior to commencing work.


DyeTech Leathers Ltd. also reserves the right to charge interest on all unpaid accounts in default over  sixty days or more at a rate not exceeding 1.5% [compounding monthly].


DyeTech Leathers Ltd. reserves the right to sell uncollected goods after a period of 3 months from completion of work.


Acceptance of any contract offered by DyeTech Leathers ltd. confirms that the customer has read and understood the above terms and conditions.


If you have any questions about the above please call us on +64 3 9820278

29a Coleridge Street, Sydenham, Christchurch 03-982-0278