Leather Lounge Suites

A Leather Lounge suite and other Leather furniture is often the most used item of furniture in our homes. It will last a long time, it is comfortable and it is durable. And then one day, just before guests arrive you notice your trusty suite looks a bit old or dreary, and so it should, The kids have grown up bouncing around on it, the cat sleeps in the corner of the armrest, the dog tries to chase the cat and then there is the small tear you were meant to get fixed but hadn't got around to it.

You don't want to throw it away because it suits the rest of your furniture and you have your own indentation you have worked on for many years.

Here at DyeTech Leathers we can expertly restore your Lounge Suite to it's former glory. Common repairs and restorations include:

  • Repairing cat scratches
  • Restoring shrunken leather
  • Restore heat damage
  • Re-colour (re-dye) faded areas
  • Repair tears and cuts
  • Full colour restoration
  • Full recover of upholstery
  • Change of colour (to suit new decor)
  • Full or partial suite recovery
To make it easier for us to offer you the best advice call us now on +64 3 9820278  or  email us and send  a brief explanation of what you wish to achieve. Please attach a digital photo if you have one.

"If It's Leather, We Can Help"
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